Baguio Celebrates Philippines-Japan Friendship Month


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PR# 53-2011, June 17, 2011

Press Release

Baguio Celebrates Philippines-Japan Friendship Month with Cultural
Exchange Programs

The Philippines-Japan Friendship Month is celebrated in the month of July
to commemorate the designation of July 23 as Philippines-Japan Friendship
Day in the Golden Jubilee Celebration of the diplomatic relationship
between the two countries in 2006.

Baguio is taking part in the festivities with a wide array of activities to
further raise the local community’s awareness in Japanese culture and
traditions. Entitled, “Over the Milky Way”, the program takes its cue
from the tanabata festival celebrated every 7th of July in Japan.
The Cultural Exchange Programs are made up of the following activities:

Japanese Film Festival

A select line up of 12 Japanese films will be screened from June 27 to
July 15 in the following universities: Benguet State University, University
of Baguio, Saint Louis University, University of the Cordilleras and
University of the Philippines – Baguio. Another film showing will run from
July 18 to 27 at the Baguio Museum.

Photo Exchange/Poster Exhibition

An exhibit which showcases the photo exchange between a Filipino and
Japanese photographer will run from July 8 to July 30 at the Baguio
Museum. The exhibit features 15 scenic shots taken in Japan by Filipino
photographer Kidlat de Guia, as well as 15 Philippine landscape photos
taken by Japanese photographer, Yasuhiko Naoi. Japanese posters will
also be on display. 10 different Japanese films showcasing the different
aspects of Japanese culture will also be shown at the Baguio Museum.

Baguio Tanabata (Bamboo) Star Festival 2

Following the success of the first tanabata festival held in 2010, the
Japanese custom will be celebrated once again in Baguio this year. As per
tradition, children will be asked to write their wishes on colorful strips of
paper to adorn bamboo trees, akin to decorations hung on Christmas
In addition, origami will also be taught, followed by the much-anticipated


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