More than 10,000 audience - Japanese Film Festival

As of July 18, the total number of audience, who watched Japanese films
at Baguio Japanese Film Festival 2011,
reached 10,000 !!

During the period of June 27 to July 27, the Film Festival has went around
Benguet State University, University of Baguio, Saint Louis University,
University of the Cordilleras and University of the Philippines Baguio
for 2 days each and came to Baguio Museum on July 18 for 5 days' show.

日本大使館・国際交流基金主催のバギオ日本映画祭が ついに 観客数1万人を達成しました。

You still have 4 films to view next week.


Thank you very much for the all concerned in Baguio city.
by janlbaguio | 2011-07-21 12:26 | Activity 活動内容
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