Local Movie Worksho at UP Baguio 映画制作講座

北ルソン在住の日本人映画監督 今泉氏が フィリピン大学バギオ校で
公開講座ですので 大学外の方でも参加できます。

Local movie workshop Basic 1 & 2, Sep 3rd and Oct 15th.
Venue : University of Philippines, Baguio.
By : Koji Imaizumi

Learn how to produce feature films from experienced and award-winning
filmmakers, join the UP BAGUIO 2011 BASIC FILM WORKSHOPS

Basic Film Workshop 1
(9AM-6PM, Sept. 3, 10, 17, 24, Oct. 1, 8 [Saturdays], 2011), CAC 201

Basic Film Workshop 1 is for all those who wish to be involved in film
production either as producers, directors, scriptwriters, actors, set
designers, make-up and costume designers, screen composers, sound designers..., animators, or critics.

The workshop will include watching and discussing many good
(and bad) movies from around the world
(e.g. Iranian, Chinese, Japanese, French, etc.) in order to identify the
spaces that the participants can explore (animation, comedy, musical,
art films, war films).
The workshop will also discuss what themes good movies are made of.
And all those involved in a movie production should learn how to read

Workshop Fee:
P500 for UP students, faculty and staff;
P1000 for non-UP participants

Basic Film Workshop 2
(9AM-6PM) Oct. 15, 22, 29, Nov. 5, 12, 19 [Saturdays], 2011), CAC 201

This workshop will focus on how to produce specific film types such as
animation, comedy and musical. It will also deal with the technical side of
scriptwriting, editing, screen music, etc. A major activity in this workshop
will be writing scripts that can be submitted for film grants such as
Hubert Bals Fund, Humboldt and Sundance.
This workshop will also attempt to actually produce a movie.
Koji-san expects to have animator Rox Lee (Nov. 5), musician Joey Ayala and
other artists to join the workshops. The long-term goal of this workshop
is to establish a local film industry.

Workshop Fee:
P500 for UP students, faculty and staff;
P1000 for non-UP participants

director of “ABONG/Small Home” and assistant director to Kohei Oguri
(director of Cannes Grand Prize Winner “The Sting of Death” and
Montreal Grand Prize Winner “Sleeping Man”) will serve as the main
workshop facilitator.
Film, TV and theater actor Joel Torre (Oct. 29) and other filmmakers like
Nick Deocampo (Oct. 21) and Rox Lee (animation, Nov. 5), and Joey Ayala
will also join the workshops.


FOR MORE INFORMATION and reservation,
please see or call Jimmy Fong,
Department of Communication, College of Arts and Communication, UP Baguio, telephones (074)444-83-93 and 09175069990.

The workshops are a joint project of the Department of Communication,
Dulaang UPBaguio, and the Committee on Culture and Arts, UP Baguio.

The history of Cinema now spans over 100 years. Although it`s still young,
it has gone through some technical revolutions. And every revolution was
utilized by Capitalist Powers.
Then Cinema with film is now becoming Digital Cinema. Filipinos, local
people, minority peoples and individuals with zeal can utilize this chance to
make their own movies.

The film market is changing and getting smaller, so now it`s our chance to
sell our products to the world.
I would like to dedicate my knowledge to people in the Cordillera and
Northern Luzon. Hopefully we will have local film productions.
The chance is widely open to zealous Cordillerans who fortunately have
unique cultures and original lifestyles.
World currents are coming to indigenous people who still practice important traditions that most people around the world have already lost.

Let`s challenge the world cinema with our local movies which are full of
social issues and humors. Those who like to be a director, a producer,
an actor, a script writer, a critic, an art director, and a technical expert,
please attend these basic film workshops.

Even with a low budget, what we have to produce is a super interesting
and a super controversial movie. To make such supers, we have to study
the world and our country very well. And watching movies is the best way
to study society and the world. We have to be cinema lovers. I would
like to meet many devoted guys, because filmmaking always requires us
to be physically and mentally hardworking.
A guide to the film workshops - Koji Imaizumi

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