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Events in Baguio , December 2011 バギオのイベント

2011年12月。 バギオでの様々なイベントのご案内です。

Events in Baguio city - December 2011


Dec. 1 at UP Baguio by: Miho Nakanishi
講演会  詳しくは: http://cordillera.exblog.jp/17081384/


Dec. 2 - 4 Ay Apo! Film Festival at VOCAS
映画祭 詳しくは: http://janl.exblog.jp/14080219/

for more details/UPDATE, please see the bottom of this page.


Dec. 3 Ace Otaku at University of the Philippines Baguio
アニメ・オタク集合!! フィリピン大学バギオ校


Dec. 6 - 10 Asia Pacific International Peace Memorial
at : Abong , John Hay & Itogon
アジア太平洋国際平和慰霊祭 詳しくは: http://janl.exblog.jp/14042438/


Dec. 10 at Baguio Cathedral
クリスマス合唱コンクール バギオ大聖堂


Dec. 23 KRIZCOS  at Abanao Square
コスプレ・オタク集合!!  アバナオ・スクエア


from : Malaya Camporedondo - Ay Apo! Film Festival

You are all invited to the Opening of

Dec 2 (friday), 11am - Opening Salo-salo and Kidlat Tahimik's 30 year old
film about Enrique de Malaca, Magellan's Filipino slave and the first
person to circumnavigate the globe.... MEMORIES OF OVERDEVELOPMENT
(with new scenes and new digitized footages)

Listen to Kidlat Tahimik's Masterclass after the opening - Bathala na
Filmmaking: The Art of Film Scripts and Script-less Films (1pm) and
watch Zamboanga (3PM) and Nick Deocampo's Masterclass "Analyzing
Zamboanga: Regional Filmmaking During the American Period" (5PM)

spend your after noon with us at
VOCAS, 5th Floor, La Azotea Bldg, 108 Session Rd. Baguio City.

Free Admission! 



TIKTIK AND APESANG ROCK (Baguio/ 3mins 31sec/2010)
By Benguet State University (Stories of Alapu Project)
Dec 2 (2-3PM)
‘Tiktik and the Apesang Rock’ is an animal folktale of Kabayan, Benguet.
Three birds agreed to break a big rock into pieces. Tiktik was the smallest,
and his capacity to break the rock was underestimated by the two bigger
birds. He silently waited for his turn and prayed for strength to Kabunian.
As a consequence of his action, he was able to break the rock.

THE WOMAN WITH A KNIFE (Baguio City/14mins 12sec/2011)
By Paul Joseph Nuval, Jona Dilla and Alemar Amdengan
Dec 2 (2-3PM)
The story tells Bangan’s encounter with a snake that led her to a land
far away from her parent’s home. In the new place, she met a man named
Gatan. Years passed by and she started missing her parents. When she
finally went back home, it was the knife her father gave her that
reunited them.

THE FROG’S GIFT (Baguio City/14mins 3secs/2011)
by Alemar Amdengan (BSU)
Dec 2 (2-3PM)
This story tells the gift of a talking frog to Bagsangi, a kind and
industrious boy who also happens to be a point of interest by a bully
named Itsoy.

BOGWA (Baguio City/20mins/2011)
By Kabunyan and Malaya De Guia
Dec 2 (2-3PM)
Bogwa is a story of a little boy who finds a Japanese skull from World
War II. He befriends the soul of the skull and helps him find peace.

Dec 3 (3-4PM), Dec 4 (5-7PM)
A collection of new films from Central Luzon




PHOTO JOURNAL (Baguio City/20mins/2011)
By Annalyn Uy
Dec 3 (5-7PM), Dec 4 (4-6PM)
Is a story about Selina Martinez, a MassComm student who keeps a journal
and loves photography. After her best friend’s stint with a sorority,
Selina was found dead. Her cursed photo journal brings misfortunes to
the people involved in her death.

SOUL MATES (Baguio City/57mins/2011)
By Nichole Anne Mendoza
Dec 2 (6-7PM)
Four friends search for love with the help of a magic book, trying to
find their perfect soul mates.

AMEN (Baguio City/30mins/2011)
By Joseph Fernandez
Dec 3 (5-7PM), Dec 4 (4-6PM)
Three people’s worlds intertwine as they search for salvation.

BATTLE: TWIGS AND STONES (Laoag /8mins43secs/2011)
By Dondee Tayamen / Gyver Lauricio
Dec 2 (6-7PM), Dec 4 (4-6PM)
A battle between the military and rebels with twigs and stones as the
ammunition. Jacob, one of the military men is taken captive by the
rebel and his team tries to save him. But one of their comrades falls
over and accidentally fires his gun. This stirs up the tension and the
all out war begin.

PELIKWATAS (Pampanga/ 38mins/2011)
By Jason Paul Laxamana
Dec 3 (5-7PM), Dec 4 (4-6PM)
“Pelikwatas” is a series of seven silent short films scored with
various styles of music. Each segment of the series deals with a phi
losophical or social point, told poetically not through dialogue but
through visual drama and music.

DELIRYONG ITIM (Baguio/ 36mins/2011)
By Mario G. Menor
Dec 3 (5-7PM), Dec 4 (4-6PM)
A story of a teenage boy who becomes depressed and feels unwanted.
This drove him to join a gang and abuse drugs. Having a hard time
deciphering reality from fantasy, this eventually led him to mend
is actions.


Ay Apo! Film Festival 2011 would like to invite you to watch....
ECOFLICKS: The Environment in Film
( A Series of Short Film about Conservation and Sustainability)
Dec 2, 2011 (5-6PM)
For Living on the Planet Earth: The Natural Farming of Masanobu Fukuoka
by Koji Imaizumi (1998/60 mins)

Dec 4, 2011 (2-3PM)
Mountains of Water:
The terraces and traditions of the Ifugao
by Fruto Corre

We Dance to Whatever Music is Playing:
by Sheryl Oteyza & Felipe Ruiz

......As part of Northern+Central Luzon Panorama Dec 4 (5-7PM)

Where Have all the Monkeys Gone?
by Mabel Batong/produced by Cordillera Green Network

Please watch!

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