Press Release - Baguio 2012 Philippine-Japan Friendship Month

Press Release by Embassy of Japan in the Philippines :
please see the below web site.

The below is the Press Release by Baguio Museum
and Japanese Association in Northern Luzon :

Press release:
Please refer to: Hidenobu Oguni, President, Japan Association of Northern
Luzon Inc. Mobile number: 0910 411 3306

BAGUIO CITY - The Embassy of Japan, the Japan Foundation, the Japan
International Cooperation Agency and the Japanese Association of
Northern Luzon will launch Tanabata 3, with the themes, “Prayer to
the Stars” and “Overcoming Disaster.” The activities slated from July to
August 2012 aim to foster deeper relations and understanding between
the two countries.

Now on its 3rd year – the Japanese Tanabata Festival
2012 is a celebration of Philippine-Japan Friendship Day. July 23 is the
official date of commemoration which started in 2006. Activities lined up
the Japan Film Festival from July 2 to August 12 at the different
universities in Baguio/ Benguet and the Baguio Museum (August 7-12),
the Aki & Kuniko Concert and Workshop (Japan’s best guitar and Koto
duo) from July 16 to 17 at the University of the Cordilleras, the
ceremonial commemoration of the Philippine-Japan Friendship Day
on July 21 at the Baguio City National High School, the Traditional
Dances and Cultural Exchange
Program of the students of Universities
in Kyoto on July 23 at the Benguet State University, the Tanabata
Bamboo Festival
at the Baguio Museum: origami workshops (August
5) ,photo - art exhibit and cosplay/anime from August 5 to 28.

The great Japan earthquake of March 11, 2011 brought a lot damage
and grief to Japan, especially, the Tohoku region. The world reacted with
much help, support and compassion for Japan right after the earthquake.
In response, the Japan Foundation and Embassy of Japan produced a
cultural program composed of thematic concerts, exhibitions and film
festivals as Japan’s way of showing its gratitude to the world and its firm
resolve to recover from the disaster, to overcome the tragedies and to
manifest the Tohoku reconstruction efforts , hence the theme “Overcom
-ing Disaster”.
Documentary films of about 30 to 48 minutes entitled:
“Can you see our lights?: First Film Festival after the tsunami and
“Setting Sail from the Ruins” will be shown.
The titles of the five (5) other two-hour films are:
“Fukushima Hula Girls,”
“WANKO- the story of me, my family and my dog,”
“ Éclair,” “Haru’s Journey,” and “Quartet.”

For those interested to watch the free screenings, watch out for the
screenings at the following participating schools and theatre : University
of Baguio (July 2 to 3), Benguet State University (July 5 to 6), Baguio
Cinematheque (July 7 to 8, July 14 to 15), University of the Cordilleras
(July 11 to 12), UP Baguio (July 26 to 27), Saint Louis University
(August 3 to 4) and the Baguio Museum (August 7 to 12). Please get in
touch with
Mr. Oguni at 0910 411 3306 and Gemma Estolas (444-7541) Baguio
Museum, for more information.

Hidenobu Oguni, President of the Japanese Association in Northern Luzon
and overall coordinator of Tanabata 3 is closely coordinating with the
following organizations, people and institutions to ensure that the films on
human ties, bonds and crisis, exhibits, workshops, concerts, art and
cosplay are viewed by as many students and the Baguio community:
Abong (Filipino-Japanese Foundation of Northern Luzon), Lubong Baguio,
Baguio City National High School, PHILAJAMES, Tosa Hikari CDM of Kochi
Prefecture, the National Correspondents Club of Baguio, the Baguio
Elderly Association, the Bagiw-Art Society, the UP-SVA, the Otageki,
Anime HQ, the Phases Learning Academy, the National Institute of
Information Technology and the Sundaland Art Net.

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