Press Release: 2015 Philippine-Japan Friendship    events 日比友好月間イベント2015 in Baguio

Press Release :
2015 Philippine-Japan Friendship month/TANABATA events in Baguio city


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Press release :
Please refer to : Hidenobu Oguni, President JANL, Mobile#0910 411 xxxx
             and Ms. Gemma Estolas, Baguio Museum 074-444-7451.

BAGUIO CITY – The “Tanabata Festival 2015 in Date-ism” opens in
Baguio with the theme “Why Not Kabuku and Enjoy! Tanabata in
Date-ism ”. Tanabata, now on its 6th year, is sponsored by the
Embassy of Japan, the Japan Foundation, Manila, the JICA Philippines
Office, the Japanese Association in Northern Luzon (JANL), the Filipino
-Japanese Foundation of Northern Luzon (Abong), the FDCP-Baguio
Cinematheque, the Baguio City National High School, the universities
of Baguio and La Trinidad, the City of Baguio and the Baguio Museum
The two-month event will commence on July 19, 2015 with a
Tanabata Decoration Workshop at Abong and will end on September 20
with Japanese film festivals at the Cinematheque Baguio and the five
(5) universities in Baguio and La Trinidad namely: the Benguet State
University, the Saint Louis University, the University of Baguio, the
University of the Cordilleras and the University of the Philippines Baguio.
This year’s Tanabata Festival is patterned after the biggest and most
famous Sendai Tanabata Festival in the Miyagi Prefecture of Japan,
inspired by the warrior Masamune Date. According to history, Masamune
Date(1567-1636) was one of the most strong daimyo, feudal lord, in
Tohoku region and the founder of the modern-day city of Sendai.
Also, it is said that he was a patron of culture and Christianity, and even
today he is one of the most be-loved samurai in Japan.

The Sendai Tanabata Festival attracts 2 million tourists a year during
the three-day festival in August. Visitors and communities come from
different parts of Japan to participate in various activities like parades,
lantern and streamer decorations.

The Philippines -Japan Friendship month in July and the Tanabata Festival
in August and September, will be supported by other organizations in
Baguio city : the Otageki Cosplay Association, the XD Gumi, the Gomen,
the Bag-iw Art Society, the UP Anime_HQ, the UP SVA, the Cordillera
Green Network , the NPO Salubong-Tokyo, R.K.Shimizu(Nagasaki)
Foundation and Globe Telecom.
This year’s theme was inspired by Masamune Date’s poem “Tanoshima
zumba, Kore Ikan!” which means, “Why not Kabuku and enjoy!” Kabuku
is a verb of “Kabuki” which means to act uniquely, magnificently and
Hidenobu Oguni, President of the JANL is the overall coordinator of
the Tanabata Festival in Baguio which started in 2010. Oguni enumerates
the activities from July to September: for July: July 19 (9 am) – Tanabata
Decoration at Abong, July 26 (9am) Philippine-Japan Friendship Day
Ceremony by Abong at the Japanese Garden at Gov. Pack Road, and on
the same date July 26 (11am) - Cosplay Tanabata Festival 4 by Otageki
Cosplay Association at Baguio City National High School) - for August:
Aug. 8 (9 am) - Tanabata Decoration Workshop at the Baguio Museum,
same day Aug. 8 (3 pm - Sat) – Opening of three (3) Exhibits at the
Baguio Museum: the “World Heritage of Japan Photo Exhibit” by the
Japan Foundation, the “Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers
Exhibit” – Strengthening 50 Years of Japan-Philippines Friendship by
JICA/JOVC and the “Tanabata Exhibit” by JANL, Otageki, Bag-iw Art
Society and the Anime_HQ and UP SVA.( all exhibits end on August 29),
Aug 9 (2 pm) –Opening of Japanese Film Festival 2015 by the Japan
Foundation,Manila, NPO Salubong-Tokyo, CGN and JANL at the Baguio
Cinematheque Baguio- Casa Vallejo. There will also be presentations
on JICA-Philippines Cooperation Projects in North Luzon and History
and Highlights of JOVC Activities in Northern Luzon. Happening from
Aug 28 to September 6 – Japanese Film Festival at Cinematheque
Baguio and from August to September 20 Japanese Film Festivals
at the 5 Universities: SLU, UB, UC, UP Baguio and BSU.
For more information, please contact Mr. Hidenobu Oguni, President
of JANL - coordinator of Tanabata Festival 2015 at 0910 411 xxxx
and Ms. Gemma Estolas, Museum Assistant Curator, Baguio Museum
at 074-444-7451.
slg/7/4/15 8

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Philippine-Japan Friendship month events are
Sponsored, Supported, Cooperated, Organized by :

Baguio City
Embassy of Japan in the Philippines
The Japan Foundation, Manila
JICA Philippines Office
Filipino-Japanese Foundation of Northern Luzon, Inc.(Abong)
Baguio Museum Inc.
FDCP, Baguio Cinematheque
Baguio City National High School
Japanese Association in Northern Luzon, Inc.(JANL)

Benguet State University
Saint Louis University, Baguio
University of Baguio
University of the Cordilleras
University of the Philippines, Baguio

R.K.Shimizu(Nagasaki) Foundation, Inc.
Shimizu & Co., Ltd.
Pro Tech Machinery Corporation
Tokyo Rinkai Rotary Club
Sakura , Japanese Restaurant
Amida Software Asia, Inc.

Baguio Pines City Lions Club
Globe Telecom
Chaya, Contemporary Japanese Cuisine
Cordillera Green Network(CGN)
NPO Salubong-Tokyo
BECI International, Baguio
Juan G. Macaraeg National High School, Pangasinan

Otageki Cosplay Association, Inc.
XD Gumi
Bag-Iw Art Society
Kawaii Kazoku, University of Baguio
Anime_HQ, UP Baguio
Hiten Okugi Shin Kai

Thanks a lot for your cooperation.


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