TANABATA 2016 Poster Making Contest in Baguio : - Philippine-Japan Friendship events

2016年 バギオ 日比友好月間イベントの ポスター・デザイン・コンテスト

in Celebration of :
The 60th Anniversary of Philippine-Japan Diplomatic Relation
The 400th Anniversary of Date Masamune's Mission by Galleon San Juan Bautista
Baguio Tanabata Festival 7 and Cosplay Tanabata Festival 5

Tanabata 2016 POSTER MAKING CONTEST Mechanics:

1. The winning poster design will be use for the upcoming Japanese
Tanabata for July and August

2. Entries should coincide with this year's Tanabata theme:
"Dream of Date Masamune. Galleon San Juan Bautista to the Sea
of Tanabata

伊達政宗の夢。 サンファン・バウティスタ号は七夕の海へ。」

3. Traditional or digital your work should be submitted in JPG format 300dpi. Artwork size is in 12" x 18" or just check out the visual guide.

4. Submit your entries (no limit on submissions!) via email:
- ljoygwd@gmail.com
- begettingit@gmail.com
- chewcomicsfan@gmail.com
on or before July 6, 2016

5. Include your name, facebook account and mobile number

6. Prizes for the winning entries are:
1st Place: P2,000.00
2nd Place: P1,500.00
3rd Place: P1,000.00

Judges from this contest are representatives from Japanese Embassy,
Japan Foundation, JICA, Abong and JANL, etc.

For more inquiries please message us at Bag-iw Art Society FB page, ljoygwd@gmail.com, begettingit@gmail.com, chewcomicsfan@gmail.com

If you would like to know more detailed info about the background,
please refer to the below web sites:

What is the Keicho Mission

galleon San Juan Bautista built by Date Masamune

Hasekura Tsunenaga

Date Masamune

What is Sendai Tanabata Festival ? - Sendai city, Miyagi prefecture.

Hasekura Tsunenaga’s portrait has a tale to tell

tks a lot for your challenge !
by janlbaguio | 2016-06-13 22:48
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