Press Release : Philippine-Japan Friendship 2016 --- Tanabata Festival in Baguio City


Press release :
Please refer to : Hidenobu Oguni, President JANL, Mobile # 0910 411
3306 and Ms. Gemma Estolas, Baguio Museum 074-444-7451.

BAGUIO CITY – The “7th Baguio Tanabata Festival 2016” opens in Baguio
with the theme “Dream of Date Masumane: Galleon San Juan Bautista to
the Sea of Tanabata ”. Tanabata, now on its 7th year, is sponsored by the
City of Baguio, the Embassy of Japan, the Japan Foundation, Manila, the
JICA Philippines Office, the Japanese Association in Northern Luzon (JAN
L), the Filipino-Japanese Foundation of Northern Luzon (Abong), the
FDCP-Baguio Cinematheque, the Baguio City National High School,
Tourism Division Miyagi Prefecture Government , the Miyagi San Juan
Bautista Museum, the Sendai Tanabata Festival Support Association, All
Nippon Airways Co., Ltd., the universities in Baguio City and La Trinidad:
Saint Louis University, University of the Cordilleras, University of Baguio,
University of the Philippines, Benguet State University and the Baguio
Museum Inc.

The two and a half month event started last June 15 with a poster design
contest by the Bag-iw Art Society. Happening for the first time in Baguio
this year is the “EIGASAI – Japanese Film Festival.” There will be a Press
Conference and the Special Screening of “Crossroads” at the FDCP
Cinematheque Baguio at Vallejo Hotel on July 21, 2016 (Thursday) ahead
of the EIGASAI Opening Night on August 11(Thursday) at SM City Baguio
Cinema. The film screenings at SM City Baguio Cinema continue until
August 14(Sunday), screening eight contemporary Japanese films.
EIGASAI then moves to FDCP Cinematheque where two films are
screened on August 15(Monday).
On July 23 (Saturday) , there will be a celebration of “Philippine- Japan
Friendship Day” at the Japanese Garden by Abong. July 23 to 24
(Saturday-Sunday) will be devoted to Tanabata Decoration Workshops
1 to 3 at the Abong Hall. All workshop sessions are “free and open to the

At the Baguio Museum, three exhibits will be opened on August 6, 2016
(Saturday): 1.) the 7th Baguio Tanabata Festival 2016 with theme:
“Dream of Date Masumane:Galleon San Juan Bautista to the Sea of
Tanabata”, 2.) “Building Tomorrow” and 3.) “Sendai Tanabata, Date’s
Keicho Envoy Mission, Four Seasons in Miyagi” Poster Exhibit.
The 5th year event of “Cosplay Tanabata 5” will be held at the Baguio
City National High School by the Cosplay Community. It’s a “fun filled
day” so be sure to go and attend.

This year’s” 7th Tanabata Festival” is to commemorate the 60th year of
Philippines-Japan Friendship, the 400 years since Date Masumane’s
envoy Keicho Mission by Galleon San Juan Bautista to the Vatican and
Spain, and five (5) years of Cosplay Tanabata Festival. Baguio Tanabata
is patterned after the biggest and most famous Sendai Tanabata Festival
in the Miyagi Prefecture of Japan, inspired by the warrior Date Masamune..
According to history, Masamune Date(1567-1636) was one of the most
strong daimyo, feudal lord, in Tohoku region and the founder of the
modern-day city of Sendai.

It is also said that he was a patron of culture and Christianity, and even
today Date is one of the most be-loved samurai in Japan. The theme is
inspired by the Keicho Mission. 400 years ago, Date Masumane sent
Hasekura Tsunenaga on a mission to the Vatican and Spain, accompanied
by Franciscan Missionary Luis Sotelo, to negotiate direct trade with Spain,
in exchange for allowing Christian missionaries into the Sendai feudal
domain. San Juan Bautista was a wooden European style sailing ship
built in Sendai and the mission was called ‘Keicho Mission’. This great San
Juan Bautista sailing ship transported 180 people from the Japanese
diplomatic mission. It was later bought by the Spanish government in
Manila, where Hasekura stayed about two years..

The Sendai Tanabata Festival attracts 2 million tourists a year during the
three-day festival in August. Visitors and communities come from
different parts of Japan to participate in various activities like parades,
lantern and streamer decorations.
“Tanabata” means evening of the seventh. The celebrations in Japan
happen during the 7th day of the 7th month, which according to the
Gregorian calendar falls in August. Streets are decorated with bamboo
installations consisting of small and big bamboos where one is able to
hang their wishes and origami decorations.The hanging of wishes is
inspired by the love story of Orihime (a weaving princess) and Hikoboshi
( a cow herder). Legend says that the lovers were separated by Tentei
(the Sky King) across the milky way (Amanogawa) when they failed to
meet their responsibilities after marriage.
According to Hidenobu Oguni , President of the JANL and the overall
coordinator of the Tanabata Festivals in Baguio, which started in 2010.
Tanabata is now on its 7th year, Tanabata also the celebrates Philippines-
Japan Friendship month and continuous to be supported by other
organizations in Baguio City like: the Bag-iw Art Society, the UP
Anime_HQ, the UP SVA, the Cordillera Green Network , the NPO Salubong
-Tokyo, R.K.Shimizu(Nagasaki) Foundation, Shimizi and Co Ltd, Pro Tech
Machinery Corporation, Amida Software Asia, Inc, Tokyo Rinkai Rotary
Club, Sakura Terras Japanese Restaurant, the Blue Files Language and
Training Center, the Baguio Pines Lions Club, Globe Telecom and Chaya
Contemporary Japanese Cuisine.

For more information, please contact Mr. Hidenobu Oguni, President of
JANL - coordinator of Tanabata Festival 2016 at 0910 411 3306 and
Ms. Gemma Estolas, Museum Assistant Curator, Baguio Museum at



for detailed schedule, pls visit here :



2016 Philippine-Japan Friendship month events in Baguio City
are sponsored/organized/supported/cooperated by the following entities:

Baguio City バギオ市    
Embassy of Japan in the Philippines 日本国大使館
The Japan Foundation, Manila 国際交流基金 
JICA Philippines Office 国際協力機構

Sendai Tanabata Festival Support Association 仙台七夕まつり協賛会
Miyagi Sant Juan Bautista Museum 宮城県慶長使節船ミュージアム(サン・ファン館) 
Tourism Division, Miyagi Prefecture Government 宮城県観光課
All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.  ANAマニラ支店

Filipino-Japanese Foundation of Northern Luzon, Inc.(Abong) 北ルソン比日基金
Baguio Museum Inc. バギオ博物館 
FDCP, Cinematheque Baguio シネマテーク・バギオ
Japanese Association in Northern Luzon, Inc.(JANL) 北ルソン日本人会

Baguio City National High School バギオ市ナショナル・ハイスクール
Benguet State University ベンゲット州国立大学  
Saint Louis University, Baguio セントルイス大学
University of Baguio バギオ大学         
University of the Cordilleras コーディリエラ大学
University of the Philippines, Baguio フィリピン大学

R.K.Shimizu(Nagasaki) Foundation, Inc. R.K.清水(長崎)財団
Shimizu & Co., Ltd. 清水商会
Pro Tech Machinery Corporation プロ・テック・マシーナリー
Amida Software Asia, Inc. アミダ・ソフトウエア・アジア

Tokyo Rinkai Rotary Club  東京臨海ロータリークラブ
Sakura Terras, Japanese Restaurant  さくらテラス
The Blue Files Language and Training Center ザ・ブルー・ファイルズ

Baguio Pines City Lions Club バギオ・パインズ・シティー・ライオンズクラブ
Globe Telecom グローブ・テレコム
Chaya, Contemporary Japanese Cuisine チャヤ日本料理店
Cordillera Green Network(CGN) コーディリエラ・グリーン・ネットワーク
NPO Salubong-Tokyo NPOサルボンー東京

Bag-Iw Art Society バギュー・アート・ソサイアティ
Anime_HQ, UP Baguio アニメHQ、フィリピン大学
UP SVA  ビジュアル・アート・ソサイアティ、フィリピン大学

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