Poster Making Contest : BAGUIO TANABATA FESTIVAL 8  日比友好月間イベント ポスター・コンテスト

バギオ日比友好月間イベントの ポスター・コンテストのご案内です。

2017 Philippines - Japan Friendship Month Poster Making Contest!

It's the Tanabata 2017 POSTER MAKING CONTEST!


1. The winning poster design will be used for the upcoming Philippines - Japan
 Tanabata 2017 Friendship Event for July to August

2. Entries should coincide with this year's Tanabata theme:
  "Samurai Tanabata Festival - サムライ 七夕祭"
Sengoku Period of Date Masamune & Takayama Ukon
- 伊達政宗と高山右近の戦国時代

3. Traditional or digital your work should be submitted in JPG format 300dpi.
Artwork size is in 12" x 18" kindly just check out the visual guide

4. Submit your entries (no limit on submissions!) via email:
on or before July 3, 20167

5. Include your name, facebook account and mobile number

6. Prizes for the winning entries are:
1st Place: P2,000.00
2nd Place: P1,500.00
3rd Place: P1,000.00

Judges from this contest are representatives from JANL, Japanese Embassy and Japan Foundation.

For more inquiries please message us at Bag-iw Art Society FB page,,,


in 2017, we have fixed our theme as in the below

and confirmedthe schedule of each event.

(1) Themeand the Background Info

Main Theme : Samurai Tanabata Festival  

サムライ 七夕祭

Sub Theme :
Sengoku Period of Date Masamune & Takayama Ukon


(3 Unifiers/Shogun : Oda Nobunaga - Toyotomi Hideyoshi - Tokugawa Ieyasu)

織田信長 - 豊臣秀吉 - 徳川家康

(Exiled Christian Daimyo : Takayama Ukon - Beatus)

マニラへ追放されたキリシタン大名 高山右近 - 福者)

We arefocusing to Christian Daimyo Takayama Ukon who was exiled

toManila, Philippine and given the title of Beatus byVatican as follows:

Japanese Christianwarlord Takayama Ukon beatified

Ukon, born in 1552 andbaptized in his childhood, served as a warrior and was exiled to Manila in 1614due to the Edo Shogunates ban on Christianity. He died of fever in 1615.

Japanese Christian warlord Takayama Ukon beatified | The ...

Takayama Ukon, a Japanese Christian warlord, was officially endorsed Tuesday by the Vatican as "beatus," or "blessed," the stage below a saint, at a beatif

the 3unifiers during the period of Date Masamune and Takayama Ukon:

Date Masamune : 1567 - - - 1636

Takayama Ukon : 1552 - - - 1615

Oda Nobunaga : 1534 - 1582

Toyotomi Hideyoshi : 1537 - 1598

Tokugawa Ieyasu : 1543 - - - - 1616

(2) Schedule of Friendship Events in Baguio city

(most of them are now confirmed)

1. July 3(mon) - Poster Contest for 2017 Phil-JapanFriendship month events

- the delivery of the posters/flyers would be bythe middle of July

2. July 14(fri) - Baguio Historical Sites Painting Workshop& Contest by JANL/JFM

at Baguio Museum and Baguio City National HighSchool .

10AM: Lectures/Guidance at Baguio Museum

guest speakers :
Mrs. Adelaida Lim - President of Baguio HeritageFoundation

UP Professor - Baguio Heritage Sites Mapping Project

01PM: Painting Workshop at BCNH Library

3. July 15(Sat) - Tanabata Decoration/Fukinagashi Workshop -Open to Public by Abong

4. July 16(Sun) - Tanabata Decoration/Fukinagashi Workshop - Abong members/scholars

5. July 23(sun) - Phil-Japan Friendship Day Ceremony at Japanese Garden by Abong

6. Aug.1-5 - Tanabata decoration/Exhibit installation at BaguioMuseum

(JICA-tentative, JANL, Abong, Bag-iw Art Society, UP SVA, UP Anime HQ,

Otageki Cosplay Association, CurTeaNah Events, etc.)

7. Aug.6(Sun) 2PM
- Opening Ceremony of Phil-Japan Friendship

/Baguio Tanabata Festival 8 at BaguioMuseum

- Speaches by distinguished guests

- Awarding for the winners of the Historical sites Painting Contest

- Voting for the Tanabata Fukinagasi Streamers

- Entertainment and Refreshment

8. Aug. 10-13
- Japanese FilmFestival at SM Cinema by Japan Foundation

9. Aug.12&13 (tentative)
- Cosplay TanabataFestival 6 by CurTeaNah Events

10. Aug.30(Wed) - Removal of All the exhibit at BaguioMuseum


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