Japanese Culture Day in SM Baguio

Japanese Association in Northern Luzon(JANL) will have
Japanese Culture Day
at SM Baguio on Sunday February 10 and Monday February 11.


The event is sub-titled as “Collaboration of Japanese and Filipino Cultures” and JANL is aiming to create something new by the cooperation of Japanese people and Filipino people in Northern Luzon.

In the morning on Sunday, Flower arrangement display and the Contest will be held by the cooperation of KAKEHASHI foundation and JANL.
In the afternoon, Japanese Kimono fitting workshop to learn how to wear traditional Kimono and Japanese dance performances will be presented.
In the mini Kimono show, three newly made Cordillera Kimono, Japanese style Kimono made by local weaving materials, will be introduced as the result of Japanese/Filipino collaboration.

In the evening, an Igorot dancing team will join to collaborate with Japanese Bon Dancing team, where any people will be able to join to dance in the circle.

On Monday, school students are invited to join ORIGAMI(Paper folding art) workshop in the morning, and in the afternoon, IKEBANA(Flower arrangement) workshop will be held for adults/college students.
Also, in the evening, DVD theater will be held to introduce Japanese Pop music and other cultural matters.

For the 2 days, at the same time, Photo exhibition of “100 years history of Japanese people in Baguio” will be shown, and 2 Japanese animation characters are going to appear on stage and the veranda of SM Baguio.

Japanese Association in Northern Luzon(JANL) is a new organization by Japanese people who live in Northern Luzon, mainly in Baguio city, that was established in September, 2007.
JANL was established by 10 people and now more than 30 Japanese people are participated.

Japanese Association in Northern Luzon, Inc.,

Supported by :
Nangoku Kurashi no Kai from Japan,
Kakehashi Foundation,
Filipino-Japanese Foundation of Northern Luzon,
Rai Rai Ken,
SM Baguio,
Sato Kokusai Learning Centre,


Japanese Culture Day 2008
at SM Baguio     


Sunday, February 10, 2008 

(1) 10am – 12am
Display of Flower Arrangements & the Contest
(with the cooperation of KAKEHASHI & JANL)
(2) 1pm – 3pm
Japanese KIMONO Kitsuke work shop & Mini Kimono Show
(How to put on Japanese Traditional Clothes.)
(3)4pm – 6pm
Japanese Traditional Dance & Other Performances
4:00-4:20 Japanese dances
4:20-5:00 Bon Odori Dance practice with Kimono
5:00-5:30 Japanese Top Spinning with children
5:30-6:00 Japanese dances
(4)7pm – 9pm
Collaboration of Japanese Bon Dance & Igorot Dance
(Japanese Traditional dance and Filipino Traditional dance.)
7:00-7:20 Performance of Igorot Dance
7:20-7:40 Bon Odori dance practice with Kimono
7:40-8:00 Collaboration of Bon Odori & Igorot dance
8:00-8:20 Japanese dances
8:20-8:40 Collaboration of Bon Odori & Igorot dance

Monday, February 11, 2008

(5)10am – 12am & 1pm-2pm
ORIGAMI (The Art of Paper Folding) work shop & Display
Participants : Elementary school students, etc.
(6) 3pm – 5pm
IKEBANA (Flower Arrangement) work shop & Display
Participants : Adults/College students, etc.
(7)6pm – 9pm
DVD Theater - Introduction of Japanese Pop-Music, Cartoon film,
Technology, etc.

Feb. 10 & 11
Photo Exhibition – 100 years’ history of Japanese in Baguio
Animation Characters – two Japanese animation characters will walk around.
Japanese Association in Northern Luzon (JANL), Inc.
e-mail:  janl-baguio@mbe.nifty.com
url:  http://janl.exblog.jp/i0/
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