Doll Festival on Japanese Girls' Day  ひなまつり

Japanese Association in Northern Luzon(JANL) will have
Doll Festival - Japanese Girls' Day
during March 2 to 8 as shown in the below.
バギオのフラワー・フェスティバルの期間中、目抜き通りのセッション通りで開かれる セッション・イン・ブルーム。 そこに「日本茶店」が出現し、 「ひな祭り」 が開催されます。

In the exhibition room, you will see very lovely Japanese dolls that are displayed at home on Japanese Girls' Day, March 3, every year in Japan.

for further details, pls see this page.
詳しくは こちらのページで ご覧下さい。

The venue is Sato Kokusai Japanese Language Centre that is located just beside the Main Gate of Baguio Cathedral as shown in the below:

Please find the above banner with photo of the doll.

you can find it down Seven Eleven, or between Trinity and Steaks & Toppings.
Please enter through the steps between Trinity celphone shop and Steak restaurant.
セブン・イレブンの下、 この写真のTRINITYというお店と ステーキ・ハウスの間の階段をお入り下さい。

We are looking foward to seeing you there, soon.
by janlbaguio | 2009-02-23 18:44 | Activity 活動内容
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