Poster Design Competition - JAPITAC / JANL

Poster Design

on the theme Kennon: Road to Global Peace & Unity
for the Japan-Philippine International Peace Theater Art Festival,
in celebration of Baguio Centennial, organized by JAPITAC/JANL.

Entries by: College and High School students or Non-Professionals only.
Prize: The Winner will receive P 2000.00
and will be featured in the JANL website.
Format: Poster size, 12” x 18” portrait only.
Entry Requirement: Designs should be based on supporting
literature provided by JANL.
Medium: Both traditional & computer-based designs are welcome.
For traditional media, original works are required.
For computer-based work, submit soft-copy of design in a
CD-ROM, in 300dpi, .TIFF (Photoshop) or .EPS format (Illustrator).
Claiming of original artworks:
Winning entry becomes JANL property ;
Non-winning entries may be claimed between Sep.5 & Sep.31 at the
JANL office. (They may be exhibited at Convention Center on Sep.3)

Submit entries to:
Japanese Association in Northern Luzon, Inc. (JANL)
c/o Sato Kokusai Learning Centre
Patria De Baguio Rm.203, Session Rd., Baguio city
to Ms. Fara Manuel, Fine Arts Faculty, UP Baguio

No registration fees.

Deadline for submission of entries: Friday, 4pm, August 14, 2009

For more details, Check URL :
Send email to:

You may also contact: 0910-411-3306 (after 5pm only) for details


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