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POSTER COMPETITION - Digest of the Script

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(This digest is for the purpose of JAPITAC’s
for Japan-Philippine International Peace Theater Art Festival only.)

for the APPLICATION to the Poster Competition,
please see these pages.

Kennon: Road to Global Peace and Unity
(Music Theater Production)
Written by: Ventura C. Bitot 

・It depicts the dawn of discovery of the mountain gorge passages to the land of Kafagway, above high rise mountains from the torrid plains of Pangasinan and La Union Spaniards, German and American.

・It depicts too the construction to the Benguet Road with almost 4,000 workforce to reach Baguio to realize the dream of American citizens working in the torrid plains of the Philippines.

・It relate too the construction of the City of Baguio and its impact to the people not only in the Cordilleras but from the lowlanders and foreigners.

・It relates conflicting events borne by the WWII.
・It give fuss in the human value that is developed by the Kennon workforce that would positively affect the world’s human relation.

・It advocates for the making of Baguio & Kennon Road as international heritage that needs planning and doing.


Is this heaven? Spirits, look live angels, are here. 

Showing the different nationalities who work at Kennon Road and Baguio City.
a.All in movements depicting the arrival at Kennon Road.  
b.Depicts all how they work.  
c.Depicts their next destination after Kennon Road. Some build buildings, some work is the mines, some in the farm and in sawmills. Other depicts their work in Mt. Province particularly Sagada and Bontoc.  
d. Everybody enter with the paintings of their masterpieces like buildings, bridges, and houses.

IGOROT SPIRIT: Emergency! Hey! They will cut the holly pine tree in Baguio! 
CHINESE SPIRIT: That shopping mall group presented a plan to open up their new branch in Baguio. 
AMERICAN SPIRIT: Nature will disappear again. 

At the Kennon Road View Point. Adelaida and Johnny enter with a picture. 

ADELAIDA :Truly I come to believe, its beautiful,  The things you told me before.   Now I see it with all my soul.  For good reasons, we are here to rebuild it.  

A lady who at her late 80’s enter holding alighted stick to pay homage to the Japanese casualties during the road construction and World War II. She is descendant of Japanese and Igorot-Filipino 

Shima sings her adoration to the heroic deeds of the labor force and the sacrifice of Japan families who allowed their sons and husband to earn in a far away land.   As she sings choreography is to be done to elaborate the meaning of the song. 
The parting of Japanese families from their son and husband who has to leave for work in the Philippines.

Josephine talks with Adelaida by her cellphone. They are at different places. Josephine is under the holly pine tree. 

JOSEPHINE:My ancestor and your father were friends. 
BAGIW:Yes, they were. (The three can’t hear her. )
TOSHIO&JOSEPHINE:What a coincidence. 

Shima sings. Toshio follows. And Josephine happens to know the song and she also sings. 
Adelaida takes out her picture. There are two same pictures. All in movements to compare the pictures and Josephine and Toshio move to under the holly pine tree. Josephine and Toshio hold hands with each other as in the picture. Johnny, Adelaida and Shima get away from the two and compare the view with the picture. 

BAGIW:Thank you very much.  Come and see. I’ll show you what you want to see and to know.   You must know where the story begins.  (The five people follow the sign of Bagiw who led them to a high mountain to watch a flashback of Kennon Road history. .)

The building of the City of Baguio went along with the construction of Kennon Road and while the physical project was being done, there is also the building of society of unity and peace among the 4,000 workforce. Marriages within the different races was inevitable happening that brought a closer community relations in the work area. There are sentiments of belongingness to such international society that is still felt by descendants up to this time. Memories of the labor force experiences lingers now and then to these who appreciate how Kennon Road came to be and how was the short live international community disrupted by the end of construction and the WWII. 

The early life of Ibaloys who were cattle raisers, gold panners, traders and agriculturist.

Biag diay Kafagway :( depicts the Iballoys life as cattle raisers, gold panners, trader and agriculturist. )

Star Spangled Banner played again while everyone embraces each other while Dean recites his impression of the land.  While the American talk about the region, Iballoys are peeping somewhere else to spy who the Americans are

CARINO:Benguet Road? 
AMERICAN:Yeah, Benguet Road. We’ll construct the Benguet Road. 

History behind my name the tales I must know 
Who I am, where I come from. I’m here to know my name.  
All the visions I now behold the names of long ago.  
It’s the name my mother once said.  

KENNON:Great men and wise men Can make it be done Bringing all people From far away land 、Shoulder to shoulder 。With strong mountain men (Pointing to Igorots) 、Together as one 、The work will be done 。The heaven Lord be praised 。Be praised forevermore 。For calling all men 。From far way land 、To cut through the cliff 、For love of man kind 、A dream be fulfilled 。

BAGIW:The different nationalities of the labor force arrived after the recruitment has been accomplished. The financial cost was $ 2,000,000.00, large enough to provide good food, good pay and good organization, Twin Peaks become a new community of laborers. 
BOYAGAN:What a sad happening 。Many died due to accident 。Many died too by illness 。Sorry, sorry, I recruited you 。
SHIMA:We have seen the sad incidents in the construction 。I know many Japanese died here and were buried in the banks of the river.  。
BAGIW:There were incidents where a father and son died the same day. 

KENNON MADE THE FIRST DRIVE ACROSS THE NEWLY OPENED ROAD 。Kennon gets down from the car. 。Governor Gen. Taft, Cameron Forbes, Bishop Brent and Dean Worcesters det down from the car.。


Kennon, Forbes and Burnham::
We mark this day, Our greatest day 
A road is open now! 
A city on the hill be made 
Now we work once more in unity. 

WORK FORCE:Yes we can!

What the future will be 
What the future will see 
What the future can do 
What future can bring 
To this beautiful land 
So much adored by the world 
We had treasured in heart 

In the market place. Different Races, they are all in the market place after Sunday Church services greeting each one. 

Cordillera our mountain land --------ay ay Salidumay
Where the city by all men --------ay ay Salidaumay
Truly with beauty & peaceful place  ---------si dong-ilay
Clean and fresh all everywhere ---------ay ay Salidumay
Your wife me and husband you --------We all live so happily 
Our children, new citizen  ---------They all share our heritage 
Global city of every race ---------Heritage of race and place 
You give us a pleasant life---------y ay Salidumay
Dong dong-ay
Si dong-ilay
Insali, salidmumay Insali, salidmumay

AAA:(Compare picture and holly pine tree) This holly pine tree.
BBB: Yes, it’s our mark.

They wright a message to back of picture. And they exchange it.
They shake their hands. 

Bombing of Camp John Hay and immediately Japanese Soldiers attacked the city in 1942

BAGIW:That ends the happy days in Baguio 

Sound of a bell in a church. Everyone is praying silently for the victims of World War II.
Bagiw and other spirits comes out one by one.

BAGIW: the promises of your ancestors gave a life to me.
SHIMA : Who are you ?
Spanish spirit : Bagiw is a fairy of this pine tree.
Johnny :This pine tree ?
Igorot spirit :And a guardian angel of nature.
BAGIW: they are the spirits of Kennon Road work force.
Adelaida : Yes, they are.
Japanese spirit : However, BAGIW would disappear 100 years later, if the promise of your ancestors are not achieved.

Let all dreams to make that plan come true 
Dong dong ay si dong-ilay
Insina sina lidumaay
Summer night we hear the chirping birds above 
Rushing home to reach their feathered nest 
Pray for us who walk the city streets 
To give them a new day rich with peace 

End of the story
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