Winner of the Poster Design Competition - JAPITAC

日比国際平和演劇祭のポスターについてコンテストが開催され、 8月14日に JAPITAC関係者、JANL会員が フィリピン大学バギオ校芸術・コミュニケーション学部に集まり、審査会が実施されました。 審査の結果は以下の通りです。 表彰式は演劇祭当日に実施されます。

JAPITAC POSTER DESIGN COMPETITION was held on August 14, 2009,
at the Department of Arts & Communications, UP Baguio.
The judges were from JAPITAC and Japanese Association in Northern

The winner of the competition is as shown below.


Mr. Rafael De Los Santos

Age: 21 years old
Residence: Lower QM, Baguio City
Education: Graduate of Nursing, University of Cordilleras
Employment: Applying to a company

Congratulations to Mr. Rafael De Los Santos for the winning.


The award will be given to him at 7pm, Thursday, September 3, 2009, at
Baguio Convention Center when the Japan Philippine International Theater
Art Festival will be held.

Also, the Exhibition of all the art works of the applicants is planned to be
held at the lobby of Baguio Convention Center on September 2 and 3,

The poster will be printed and released around August 20.

Thank you very much to all participants of the competition and let us join the exhibition and the theater art festival on September 3, 2009.

(Reported by H.O.)
by janlbaguio | 2009-08-16 21:25 | JAPITAC 日比平和演劇祭
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